Chanel #PreCollection 2017: Refreshed Ephemeral Boutique At MBS

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Remember how we mentioned that Chanel’s Ephemeral Boutique at Marina Bay Sands will span 3 distinct collections right up to October 2017? With the very first collection (Métiers d’Art) having just ended its run, the boutique has gone through a refreshing change yet again with Chanel’s #PreCollection 2017 taking over.

A collection that focuses on eye-catching logo-ed pieces with the taglineGabrielle = Coco, you’ll find bags, RTW like sweatshirts and tees, along with two-tone suede boots and shoes all adorned with that ‘math’ equation. And with key Chanel colours like Black, Navy, Red and White as theme colours that work beautifully well together, you’ll find them ‘suspended’ on elevated shelves all over the reorganised 3000 square foot space.

Partitioned into 4 distinct sections, you’ll find an all-new Ephemeral Boutique to shop to your hearts’ content, from the first room dedicated to all things Pre-Collection 2017, with another assigned to activewear pieces (think puffy nylon jackets in various colours, for example). Moving along, you’ll be pleased to find classic Chanel silhouettes like their two-toned pumps reinterpreted into single-toned beauties. And of course, you’ll also find a sprinkling of pieces from the Métiers d’Art collection for those who had missed out earlier on.

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It’s that time of year again; the beautiful summer. And when the sun is up and the degrees rising, we think it’s good to wear a pair of comfy Chanel Espadrilles. Now introducing for the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, here are the latest releases.


The best choice is always the classic one; take the Espadrilles in white with black toes. For this season, the house used calfskin leather; which is also ideal when the fall starts. The CC logo is also crafted elegantly on the top. These are timeless pair, made with durable leather, which is something that doesn’t come very often.

And now for the details:

Chanel Calfskin Espadrilles
Style code: G29762
Price: $725 USD, €520 euro, £460 GBP, $820 SGD, $4100 HKD, ¥4000 CNY, ¥66960 JPY

Chanel Patent Calfskin Espadrilles
Style code: G29762
Price: $725 USD, €520 euro, £485 GBP, $820 SGD, $4100 HKD, ¥4000 CNY, ¥66960 JPY

Chanel Patent Calfskin & Tweed Espadrilles
Style code: G29762
Price: $725 USD, €520 euro, £485 GBP, $820 SGD, $4100 HKD, ¥4000 CNY, ¥66960 JPY


Another option to choose is patent calfskin with tweed. The effect of these two materials combined creates an eye-catching effect like shiny toes. The espadrilles are also crafted with special embellishment like the white one.


For this season, Chanel has also introduced a pair in bright colors with Camellia patterns on it. The stripe of the quilting also read ‘CHANEL’ is very small letterings.






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If you think that crochet is a thing of the past, think again as Chanel recently launched its Crochet Braided Bag during its Cruise 2017 Collection, thus bringing it back to the fashion fold. As we all know, Chanel doesn’t make crochet bags so let’s find out what makes this Crochet Braided Bag special.

Made of crochet, braid and gold metal hardware, this Chanel flap bag is undeniably a beauty of its own. As you can see, the whole body of the bag is made of interlocking yarn in a crocheted fashion. And what about the braids? If you zoom in and look closer, you’ll definitely not be able to miss the braids around the edge of the flap made in an interplay of black, white, and red colors. It also boasts of a chained shoulder strap for easy shoulder carrying. Lastly, the CC clasp is placed in the middle for instant brand acknowledgment.

This crocheted Chanel flap bag is a limited edition so make sure to get this one if you’re a die hard collector of unique and hard to find bags.

There are two styles; a flap bag or backpack. Here are the details:

Chanel Crochet Cayo Coco Flap Bag
Style code: A93680
Size: 6.3’ x 11’ x 2.4’ inches
Prices: $5300 USD, €4800 euro, £4500 GBP, $7560 SGD, $39300 HKD, $7360 AUD, ¥613440 JPY

Chanel Crochet Cayo Coco Backpack Bag
Style code: A93681
Size: 14.2’ x 11’ x 7.1’ inches
Prices: $10200 USD, €8900 euro, £8340 GBP, $13990 SGD, $72900 HKD, $13640 AUD, ¥1137240 JPY














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What’s supposed to be a seasonal bag has turned into an ‘IT’ Bag. And now the addiction has become so strong that we can’t get enough of the Chanel Trendy CC Bag. Everything is just so perfect – the design, the look, the interior and the brag.

The Design

Introduced in the Spring 2014 Collection, it was like love at first sight. When the Chanel Trendy CC Bag was finally released in store, everyone wanted to get their hands on it. And because of its rapid-increasing fame, it makes us wonder whether this bag will rival against the Classic Flap Bag one day. It could be, it could be.

The Chanel Trendy CC Bag design is kind-of classic mixed with modern style. It features the classic diamond quilting that everyone adores, as well as interwoven chain link with leather strap on the end for comfort. It also embellished with the classic interlocking CC logo on the front. The ‘top handle’ style is even boosted with the signature back pocket (the same back pocket on the reissue 2.55 bag).

But what makes the Trendy CC Line so intriguing, attractive and obsessive, is the luxurious signature plate with the house’s name engraved. This signature plate is becoming an icon in the fashion world due to its popularity, and Chanel is also experimenting the signature plate in newer handbags like the recent Click Label Handbags.

The Trendy CC plate not only screams CHANEL, but it’s also a sign of high fashion, luxury and quality. The signature plate comes in large size and is crafted on the top of the bag. In that way, it’s easily recognizable especially because of its shine (and in gold hardware) – It’s bragging on its own without any of your effort.

The Styles

The Chanel Trendy CC Collection consists of several styles; top handle, bowling bag, flap bag and shopping bag. Let’s cover each of them.

Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle


The Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle Bag is the original version of this line and it’s also the bag that most people choose. The top Handle is actually a tote bag but it also comes with a woven chain shoulder strap. So you can carry it in multiple ways; on your hands, on your shoulder or cross body. Comparing to the other styles, the Trendy CC top Handle is the most classic version because it’s also crafted with a flap and the signature back pocket. This bag is functional, practical and easy to use as an everyday companion. The look is just too fabulous to ignore, even for the audience that passes you by.


Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle -The Side


Chanel Trendy CC Top Handle – The Back

The Interior



The beauty of the interior is reflected on the exterior – the sides of the bag are creating a nice and stylish trio-effect, which also contributes to the total look. One of the many reasons that the Chanel Trendy Bag has become so trendy is due to its generous interior. It has three separated compartments. The first one on the top is quite large and has three smaller pockets to structure your essentials. The center features a large empty compartment to store all your bigger items. And finally, the last compartment is the smallest, but it comes with a zip pocket for more important necessities. The interior is big enough to make the bag your daily workbag. It’s also great for casual days and special occasions as well like weddings and important meetings.

The Sizes


From Left To Right: Large, Small, Medium

Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag A92236 6.7’ x 9.8’ x 4.7’ inches
Chanel Trendy CC Bag A69923 7.5’ x 11.8’ x 4.7’ inches
Chanel Large Trendy CC Bag A92237 10.2’ x 12.2’ x 6.3’ inches

The Prices

For the latest prices, we always refer you to go to Chanel Classic Bag Prices. That’s the page we will give the latest update.

Chanel Small Trendy CC Bag $5600 USD, €4180 euro, £3770 GBP, $6720 SGD, $35100 HKD, $6410 AUD, ¥569160 JPY, ¥32300 CNY, $6025 CAD
Chanel Trendy CC Bag $6100 USD, €4500 euro, £4060 GBP, $7230 SGD, $37700 HKD, $6900 AUD, ¥594000 JPY, ¥34800 CNY, $6100 CAD
Chanel Large Trendy CC Bag $7000 USD, €5240 euro, £4730 GBP, $8420 SGD, $44000 HKD, $8030 AUD, ¥713880 JPY, ¥40500 CNY

Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag


For those that are looking for bigger sizes with more room in the interior, then Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag is a better option. However, I find the Top Handle version more lady-like, but the Bowling version is a much better workbag or travel bag.

The Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag doesn’t feature a front flap; instead it comes with an easy-accessible front pocket. This pocket is excellent if you have essentials that you need to grab instantly without barriers like zippers. Imagine putting your flight ticket there when travelling or other papers. The front is also boosted with the interlocking CC logo and the interior can be opened and closed with zippers. While the sides are designed in smooth leather, the front and back are both equipped with chic diamond quilting. And of course, the signature plate has been put on the top, supporting the handle.

You can hold the bag in multiple ways as it comes with a woven chain shoulder strap. Grab the bag by hand on the handles or sling the strap on your shoulder or cross body.


Chanel Trendy CC Bowling Bag – The Side

The Interior



The inside of the Trendy CC Bowling Bag is simpler but it has more room. It just features one large compartment and it’s so big that you can fit a large laptop. It also comes with several pockets on the front for your mini essentials like pen, wallets, agenda and other smaller accessories.

The Sizes


Chanel Small Trendy CC Bowling Bag A92238 6.3’ x 10.6’ x 5.5’ inches
Chanel Large Trendy CC Bowling Bag A69924 8.3’ x 11.8’ x 5.5’ inches

The Prices

Always check the page Chanel Classic Bag Prices for the latest prices available.

Chanel Small Trendy CC Bowling Bag $5600 USD, €4180 euro, £3770 GBP, $6720 SGD, $35100 HKD, $6410 AUD, ¥569160 JPY, ¥32300 CNY
Chanel Large Trendy CC Bag $5700 USD, €4350 euro, £3920 GBP, $6990 SGD, $35600 HKD, $6670 AUD, ¥574560 JPY, ¥33700 CNY

Chanel Trendy CC Flap Bag


The Flap Bag version of the Chanel Trendy CC is a gorgeous and trendy bag, but it’s very similar to the Top Handle version. If you put them next to each other, it’s like the only missing component is the handle. The biggest difference is that the Flap Bag version is a bit bigger in length and perhaps it slings nicer without those handles.

The Chanel Trendy CC Flap bag is made with a front flap and interlocking CC logo on the front. It’s also crafted with the signature plate on the top. The sides also look smaller than the Top Handle version, because the interior is smaller and it should weight less. The back does come with a back pocket and it feels more flexible, like a pouch bag with chain. But overall, it’s a very chic lady-like handbag.


Chanel Trendy CC Shoulder Bag – The Side

The Interior



The Flap Bag version of the Trendy CC is made with two compartments. The front is made with several smaller pockets to structure your essentials. The back is another compartment with a zip pocket for essentials that need more security.

The Sizes


Chanel Trendy CC Shoulder Bag A92235 6.9’ x 10.2’ x 2.4’ inches

The Prices

Chanel Trendy CC Shoulder Bag $4500 USD, €3360 euro, £3030 GBP, $5400 SGD, $28200 HKD, $5150 AUD, ¥457920 JPY, ¥26000 CNY

The Colors


From Left to Right: Black, Pink, Green, Blue, Navy, Metallic Gold


From Left to Right: Red, Beige, Yellow



From Left to Right: Lambskin, Metallic Lambskin



From Left to Right: Gold, Silver, Black On Black, Ruthenium, Bi-color

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Chanel Black Metal CC Edge Wallet
Style code: A84173
Size: 7.5’ x 3.9’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $700 USD, €660 euro, ¥590 GBP, $1010 AUD, $900 CAD, $5400 HKD, $1060 SGD, ¥81000 JPY

Knowing the demands of a modern-day cosmopolitan woman, Chanel always come up with practical ideas to keep up with their busy schedule. No wonder up until this time, this French brand is still relevant in every woman’s fashion book. Having invented some of the best bags in the world, it’s now time that these bags be paired with equally fashionable wallets. Without further ado and much talk, here’s the Chanel Black Metal CC Edge Wallet Collection.

This collection is nothing fancy but maybe that’s what it is all about – simplicity at its finest. It features the CC black Metal on the edge of the wallets and coin purses thus explaining their names.

Despite its simplicity, the Chanel CC Metal Edge Wallet Collection on the other hand offers a wide array of accessories that you can choose from a double wallet, zip wallet, and even a coin purse!

In case you’re wondering why there’s a heavy price tag attached to them despite their plain design, it must have something to do with the top caliber leather quality used to make them. The CC Metal Edge Wallet Collection is made from genuine grained bullskin for that satisfying and satiating luxurious touch.



Chanel Black Metal CC Edge Zipped Wallet
Style code: A84174
Size: 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $850 USD, €810 euro, £730 GBP, $1240 AUD, $1125 CAD, $6600 HKD, $1300 SGD, ¥99360 JPY



Chanel Black Metal CC Small Wallet
Style code: A84171
Size: 3.9’ x 3.9’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $500 USD, €470 euro, £420 GBP, $720 AUD, $650 CAD, $3800 HKD, $760 SGD, ¥57240 JPY



Chanel Black Metal CC Card Holder
Style code: A84159
Size: 3’ x 4.4’ x 0.2’ inches
Prices: $400 USD, €250 euro, £225 GBP, $380 AUD, $340 CAD, $2000 HKD, $400 SGD, ¥32400 JPY



Chanel Black Metal CC Card Holder with Flap
Style code: A84169
Size: 3’ x 4.4’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $400 USD, €310 euro, £275 GBP, $480 AUD, $420 CAD, $2500 HKD, $500 SGD, ¥37800 JPY


Chanel Black Metal CC Coin Purse
Style code: A84170
Size: 3’ x 4.3’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $375 USD, €350 euro, £315 GBP, $540 AUD, $475 CAD, $2900 HKD, $560 SGD, ¥43200 JPY


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Chanel: #COCOCAFE Is Coming To Singapore!

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If all you ever dreamed about was sipping hot lattes out of a Chanel-branded paper cup (it’s pink, so it’s perfectly instagrammable as well) whilst trying out the latest Chanel has to offer as far as their beauty collection goes, take note. #COCOCAFE, which has been making its rounds in global cities around the world, will also be popping up in Singapore really, really soon.

I wish I could say more, but my perfectly-balmed lips (Chanel’s Rogue Coco Baume, but of course) are sealed at the moment so you’ll just have to watch this space and look out for more information that will be released really, really soon. #ILOVECOCO #CHANELMAKEUP

Update: 20 March 2017
This just in. #COCOCAFE will be happening in Singapore from 8 April to 16 April 2017 at the Visual Arts Centre at Dhoby Ghaut Green that promises to be a one-of-a-kind beauty experience. To get priority entry (and a complimentary drink), register now via this link! Go go go!

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