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If you think that crochet is a thing of the past, think again as Chanel recently launched its Crochet Braided Bag during its Cruise 2017 Collection, thus bringing it back to the fashion fold. As we all know, Chanel doesn’t make crochet bags so let’s find out what makes this Crochet Braided Bag special.

Made of crochet, braid and gold metal hardware, this Chanel flap bag is undeniably a beauty of its own. As you can see, the whole body of the bag is made of interlocking yarn in a crocheted fashion. And what about the braids? If you zoom in and look closer, you’ll definitely not be able to miss the braids around the edge of the flap made in an interplay of black, white, and red colors. It also boasts of a chained shoulder strap for easy shoulder carrying. Lastly, the CC clasp is placed in the middle for instant brand acknowledgment.

This crocheted Chanel flap bag is a limited edition so make sure to get this one if you’re a die hard collector of unique and hard to find bags.

There are two styles; a flap bag or backpack. Here are the details:

Chanel Crochet Cayo Coco Flap Bag
Style code: A93680
Size: 6.3’ x 11’ x 2.4’ inches
Prices: $5300 USD, €4800 euro, £4500 GBP, $7560 SGD, $39300 HKD, $7360 AUD, ¥613440 JPY

Chanel Crochet Cayo Coco Backpack Bag
Style code: A93681
Size: 14.2’ x 11’ x 7.1’ inches
Prices: $10200 USD, €8900 euro, £8340 GBP, $13990 SGD, $72900 HKD, $13640 AUD, ¥1137240 JPY














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Chanel Fancy Crochet Bag

Garls, the Chanel Cruise 2014 Collection! So far, so good. We’ve covered the Chanel Coco Sailor Flap bags and threw a little bed-time story about how Gabrielle Chanel got inspired by sailor stripes (and the tradition of France). And certainly, you wouldn’t have missed our review on the easy caviar flap right? The easy caviar is not a new bag, but it has returned for the cruise collection.

One of the most talk-about winter accessories is the Chanel Fancy Crochet bag. It’s a seasonal bite that you don’t want to miss. Classic bags won’t run very far, they will be available in the next season, why not put them on hold, temporary. And so, if you happen to run into a Chanel boutique tomorrow or in the weekend, don’t forget to try-out this new obsession.

The first time Chanel published this bag, I was a bit confused. I mean, it’s nice, but what is it made of? Isn’t that kind-of a pick nick bag for the summer, in the park? But I was wrong, every piece on the Fancy Crochet bag is made by hand. Yes, with knots of ribbon, that makes it all special. The eye-catching CC clasp adorned with lambskin, in black and golden edge. And now the chain; elegance couldn’t be more perfect as it’s made from antique gold hardware in white and black. Wear it on your shoulder.

Now let’s get to business. The Chanel Fancy Crochet bag is available in bi-color; black and white or white and black. Measuring 6.3x 9.4 x 3.1 and the style code is: A92108. 

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