Hermès Jypsière31 In Rubis

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Can I just say, of all the Hermès bags I’ve yet to own, the Jypsiére ranks pretty high on that list? Sure, my bag obsessions come and go, sometimes even overnight, but with this one it has been definitely ongoing for a while now. So why haven’t I gotten myself one of the most iconic bags from the French luxury house yet, introduced by Jean-Paul Gaultier way back in 2008?

Well, for one, it’s the price, which keeps getting higher and higher with each year and I keep kicking myself for not biting the bullet moons ago when I had the chance. Secondly, I’ve heard that as organised as it is on the inside, it’s not the easiest design to get your stuff in and out of, especially when you’re on the move. Lastly (and most importantly), it’s the colour. Black would be too commonplace, grey would be playing it safe, and the one above, in Rubis (GBP5270 for the 28 and GBP5820 for the 31) from this season certainly is alluring but it just isn’t me. In other words, even if I can get over reasons (or in this case, the first and second excuses), the colour has to be just right for me to commit.


All the colours in the world, just not the one I want. In other words, if anyone has seen a Jypsiére in Canopee (a stunning olive green) anywhere, do let me know. Thanks.

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For women who are always chasing after the latest designer handbags, take a look at the new Hermes Col Roule Bag.

An Hermes bag in crosswise H weave canvas, made from calfskin and Hunter cowhide, this accessory right here is a perfect companion for quick meet ups with your girl friends.

This bag matches perfectly with your winter coat as it feels warm and fuzzy, but the color is ideal for the summer as well. And as you know, the design is timeless, you can always keep it in your wardrobe and take it out whenever you feel to.

With its thin handle held by silver and palladium plated bridle rings, this Hermes Col Roule Bag is perfect for easy hand carrying. And ladies, this one right here comes in handy whenever you’re on a hasty make up shopping spree such when you run out of your favorite lipstick as you can easily stash it inside this bag since it has no any zipper.

Adorned with palladium plated Clous de Selle “Hermes Paris” this stylish bag right here also has a shoulder strap so you can easily carry it by the shoulders.

Measuring 10” x 21” x 5” and is priced $3475 USD via Hermes boutiques.



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10 Things You Might Not Know About the Hermès Birkin

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If you’ve been so generous to your family and friends for this Christmas season, why not take the time to give back to yourself? Shower and pamper yourself with love by owning one of the Hermes Jige Elan Wallets.

It’s that time of the year again when spending so much on a new wallet shouldn’t make you feel guilty because you deserve the best things in life. The Hermes Jige Elan Wallet is just the perfect fit if you’re looking for high-caliber quality.

The Jige Elan Wallet is a sophisticated Hermes clutch with H tab closure in leather with beautiful lining. Take a closer look and you’ll instantly notice the beautiful ‘H’ signature which stands for Hermes. It also opens with the strap that comes from the back and elegantly touches the center of the ‘H’.

Measuring 11.5” x 6” x 1” and is priced $3525 USD via Hermes boutiques.





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Hermès Bâton de Craie Clutch

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There’s something about the deepest of emerald greens I’ll never be able to resist, especially when it comes on something as beautiful as exotic crocodile. Yes, this is the Bâton de Craie Clutch, a somewhat newish bag from Hermès that’s actually inspired by a bag from its archives dating back to the 20s. Sporting a rounded bottom that tapers inwards as you get to the top, the 29 cm by 21.5 cm clutch is perfect for those who want something hand-held but prefer it to be much bigger, especially given how small clutches can get these days.

Finished with a malachite clasp, it’ll cost you an indulgent SGD30,700just to bring this baby home. But if you love the shape but want something more attainable, they also come in Hunter cowhide, finished with a palladium-plated clasp that will set you back by just SGD7500. And remember this, it’s almost Christmas, and it’s been a long, hard year, so you really, really do deserve it.

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Kris Jenner Has A Closet Just for Her Hermès Collection

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