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Girls go when they are ultimately a stylish bag, put all kinds of debris storage bag. Summer bags are relatively small, considering the fashion models, we must also take into account the practical, we gave you recommend the following eight practical and good-looking bag, let you out even more convenient.




Pink bag sub-compact, classic party bag shape, coupled with a touch of pink, sweet, cute, you can hand you can shoulder, with a girl style skirt shape is very appropriate.




White Clutch classic style and elegant, delicate metal side buckle design, elegant and intellectual, it is suitable for professional women back, various ol career with the wind can be.




The silver chain bag absolute fashion, create the overall highlights, to add a simple mix of fashion sense, add personality to charm, the most suitable for a little girl of personality temperament.




Simple black small square package, and classical style, adding the British Institute of wind, medium size, capacity is not too small, ideal for summer back, with a skirt, pants are praised.




Small fragrant wind chain bag, the most classic black, the stars are staffing a practical index beyond imagination, and intellectual ol elegant dress is simply a perfect match.




Large canvas bag red stripe design, fresh art Fan children, beautiful colors suction eye, capacity is also great, definitely a classic canvas art women like the taste.

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