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Chanel Black Metal CC Edge Wallet
Style code: A84173
Size: 7.5’ x 3.9’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $700 USD, €660 euro, ¥590 GBP, $1010 AUD, $900 CAD, $5400 HKD, $1060 SGD, ¥81000 JPY

Knowing the demands of a modern-day cosmopolitan woman, Chanel always come up with practical ideas to keep up with their busy schedule. No wonder up until this time, this French brand is still relevant in every woman’s fashion book. Having invented some of the best bags in the world, it’s now time that these bags be paired with equally fashionable wallets. Without further ado and much talk, here’s the Chanel Black Metal CC Edge Wallet Collection.

This collection is nothing fancy but maybe that’s what it is all about – simplicity at its finest. It features the CC black Metal on the edge of the wallets and coin purses thus explaining their names.

Despite its simplicity, the Chanel CC Metal Edge Wallet Collection on the other hand offers a wide array of accessories that you can choose from a double wallet, zip wallet, and even a coin purse!

In case you’re wondering why there’s a heavy price tag attached to them despite their plain design, it must have something to do with the top caliber leather quality used to make them. The CC Metal Edge Wallet Collection is made from genuine grained bullskin for that satisfying and satiating luxurious touch.



Chanel Black Metal CC Edge Zipped Wallet
Style code: A84174
Size: 4.1’ x 7.6’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $850 USD, €810 euro, £730 GBP, $1240 AUD, $1125 CAD, $6600 HKD, $1300 SGD, ¥99360 JPY



Chanel Black Metal CC Small Wallet
Style code: A84171
Size: 3.9’ x 3.9’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $500 USD, €470 euro, £420 GBP, $720 AUD, $650 CAD, $3800 HKD, $760 SGD, ¥57240 JPY



Chanel Black Metal CC Card Holder
Style code: A84159
Size: 3’ x 4.4’ x 0.2’ inches
Prices: $400 USD, €250 euro, £225 GBP, $380 AUD, $340 CAD, $2000 HKD, $400 SGD, ¥32400 JPY



Chanel Black Metal CC Card Holder with Flap
Style code: A84169
Size: 3’ x 4.4’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $400 USD, €310 euro, £275 GBP, $480 AUD, $420 CAD, $2500 HKD, $500 SGD, ¥37800 JPY


Chanel Black Metal CC Coin Purse
Style code: A84170
Size: 3’ x 4.3’ x 0.8’ inches
Prices: $375 USD, €350 euro, £315 GBP, $540 AUD, $475 CAD, $2900 HKD, $560 SGD, ¥43200 JPY


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Do you want to jump into the unknown, take a leap of faith or maybe up for a change? Well well, why don’t you start with your wardrobe? A new wardrobe can give you a better perspective, and what better way to spruce up your fashion style than to own a new Chanel wallet? Ladies, we are proud to present the newest Chanel Lizard Zip Around Wallet.

The Chanel Zip Around Wallet is not a new design but we want to talk about the change it has embraced. Yes, even wallets need a little transformation. This time around, we are bidding adieu to the usual diamond quilting we all loved and opening our eyes to the Lizard leather.

A change as big as this could be liberating! And here’s the reason why: this zipped wallet is the complete bomb since it comes in light gray color with a touch of gold metal pieces. The lizard leather is so luxurious to the touch, we couldn’t just get enough of it. And hey, the CC logo is still prominently displayed in the middle.

Take this natural beauty with you anywhere you go and you’ll absolutely catch the attention of onlookers. Stash your cash, cards, and coins anywhere you go with the Chanel Lizard Zip Around Wallet.

Style code A82370, measuring 4.1” x 7.6” x 0.8” inches, priced at $2325 USD, €2140 euro, £2000 GBP, $3370 SGD, $17500 HKD, $3280 AUD, ¥273240 JPY via Chanel boutiques.


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Ah! Another seasonal bag. This is another unique piece that will certainly increase in value overtime. You see, when this season ends, you will be one of the few to own such a Wallet On Chain Bag.

However, you need to love this style though, if not, it will sits in your wardrobe for a very long time.

Chanel has never designed something like this before, – inspired by airplane logos check out the blue and red parts connecting to the three CC logos on the front.

We are used to the classic WOC’s like the classic quilted or the timeless woc, but this version is definitely a unique item. And the interior is even more shocking, open it and you will find every additional items you need for travelling.

The Chanel CC Airplane Wallet On Chain Bag is light weighed and carrying is extremely comfortable. The interwoven chain strap makes it even more luxurious on your shoulder. Measuring 4.3’ x 8.3’ x 2’ inches, style code A82443, priced at €1490 euro via Chanel boutique.


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Are you looking for a funky and edgy bag that will add personality to your style? Look no further as Fendi’s Karlito fur-trimmed leather shoulder bag might be the perfect fix and pick-me-upper. Filled with nothing but cheeky, tickled-pink cuteness, the signature Karlito shoulder bag is one bag accessory that should be a part of your bag collection. Upon seeing it on the stand, one word surged through our minds: kawaii (which is a Japanese word for describing the quality of being cute). The fresh cream-colored leather bag is given a glam and darling effect with a mink fur-trimmed tribute to Karl Lagerfeld.

Just look at that cute man design on the front and you’ll surely notice that it’s dear old Karl. It has the following descriptions: detachable chain shoulder strap, magnetic fastening, fabric lining, front slot pocket, zipped pocket, six card slots, calf leather, mink fur, and is made in Italy. Measuring: 12 x 19 x 4 cm (H x W x D), priced at $1600 USD or €1200 euro.





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I love the Wallet with Chain, we’re seeing Chanel releasing these kind of bags more often these days. A new version has just been dropped in store and it’s from the Cruise 2016 Collection.

Basically almost an exact copy of the Classic Flap Bag – featuring a stunning front flap with tiny CC on the front, it’s quilted and it comes with a beautiful interwoven chain.

The color gold will melt your heart; it represents both luxury and beauty. Because the details are all craftsmanship, any eye can see that is an expensive object.

Made from Metallic Calfskin, the chain can be removed anything you want. This bag matches to the season we’re in right now…the winter. And it marries anything from casual to chic, it’s simply crafted for the true lady.

Measuring 4.5’ x 7.5’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at €1520 euro via Chanel boutique.

What do you think about this bag? Opinion please.



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Again, we’re giving you your much needed dose of Chanel with the CC Crossing Wallet! Are you ready for this? Sit back, relax and enjoy our preview…but hey, before anything else, you may want to check the origins of this pretty leather piece. We had two features on the Chanel CC Crossing Flap Bag a few weeks ago, which you may enjoy scrolling through.

READ: A Closer Look: Chanel CC Crossing Flap Bag
READ: A Closer Look: Chanel CC Crossing Flap Bag 2

This quilted leather wallet will surely be a big hit among Chanel lovers and bag collectors, and why not? It’s made with only the finest lambskin, and of course, let’s not forget about the pristine craftsmanship on this thing. Chanel never misses a detail! As you can see, it has a silver ‘CC’ signature in front, which sparkles beautifully against the sleek leather background. Nobody quite does it like Chanel!

Measuring 3.9’ x 7.3’ x 1’ inches, and with a style code of A82259, you can get your very own CC Crossing Wallet for €675 EUR via Chanel boutique.


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